We offer a broad range of services to help our clients with all aspects of building care, repair and design.

These include:

Project Management and Cost Consultancy

We offer a comprehensive range of Project Management and Cost Consultancy services including:

  • Project Monitoring, Client Representative, Development Appraisal, Project Programming
  • Cost Planning, Feasibility, Cost Appraisals and Cost Management

Preparation, Tendering and Agreement of Contracts

We undertake the tender process for any project, advise our Clients as to who a contract should be awarded to, and prepare and agree the JCT contract.

Advice on Client Requirements, Preparation of Client Brief

Health & Safety and CDM Advice

CDM Regulations 2007 apply to most construction projects. In the role as CDM Co-ordinator we can assist and advise clients of their CDM duties, prepare the Health & Safety plans required by statute and manage contractors application of Health & Safety standards.

Dilapidations (Lease Liability)

We act for either the Landlord or the Tenant at the termination of a lease; we can be instructed to prepare and serve a Schedule of Dilapidation on the Tenant and then negotiating the same in order to agree the repairing liabilities, or we can be instructed to defend a served Schedule of Dilapidation and negotiate the same in order to reduce a Tenants liability.

Schedules of Condition

A Schedule of Condition can be prepared for a client before a property is purchased or for a prospective tenant before a lease is agreed. It can highlight any areas of future liability and cost for the prospective purchaser, and can also be used to protect a Tenant’s repairing obligations under a lease.

Building Pathology

We investigate building defects and advise our clients of the best solution.

Building Re-Instatement Valuations

We undertake the measurement and preparation of a building reinstatement valuation specifically for insurance purposes.

Expert Witness and Court Attendance

We have worked closely with many solicitors to provide technical ‘expert witness’ testimony in respect of both defence and prosecution of lease liabilities.

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Commercial mediation can be a very effective solution to dilapidations and a variety of other property disputes. It can speed up the entire process and therefore also reduce the costs involved. Our Director, Martin Woods, was one of the first qualified Commercial Mediators within the Building Surveying discipline.

Capital Allowance Assessment

We are able to advise a client of any tax deductible assets in relation to plant and machinery.

Environmental Assessments

We can advise clients if there is a more sustainable and cost effective method of meeting their environmental targets.